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Great Prices Await You! Brand new, single boxed SKF bearings available from our German warehouse.

Download our price list now and compare with your other suppliers!

Are you a bearing wholesaler looking to elevate your business? Dive into these exclusive benefits:

  • Access to authentic, brand-new, and individually packaged SKF bearings straight from Europe.
  • Flexible credit terms of 30, 60, or 90 days. 1
  • Enjoy complete exclusivity. 2
  • Assured top-notch quality with 100% genuine products shipped directly from Germany.

Why wait? Get our competitive SKF sales price list and see how we measure up against your current suppliers!


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20 Years of Experience

We deliver 100% Genuine SKF Products since 1998

Every bearing we offer, whether it's a ball bearing, needle bearing, or any other type, is a 100% genuine SKF or INA product. We take pride in delivering only the best, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in every application.

no fake bearings

Why you should work with us:

28 Years of German Expertise: Unrivaled Mastery

Our legacy is built on 28 years of unwavering commitment to excellence. With each passing year, our expertise deepens, cementing our reputation as industry leaders.

Crafted in Europe for Uncompromising Performance

Authenticity is non-negotiable in our offerings. We deal exclusively in genuine SKF products, engineered and manufactured in Europe. This commitment is your assurance of reliability, durability, and consistent performance – qualities that translate to operational efficiency.

Efficient Deliveries: Germany to Your Doorstep

Geography is not a barrier when it comes to supply chain excellence. Based in Germany, we facilitate swift and direct deliveries that bridge the gap between top-tier engineering and your operations. Our supply chain efficiency complements the precision of our products.

Wholesaler's Advantage: Competitive Pricing

Sustained business growth hinges on value-driven decisions. Our pricing strategies cater to wholesalers and retailers, presenting an opportunity for increased profit margins without compromising on quality. It's a proposition that merits serious consideration.

Your Move: Compare, Decide, Excel

We challenge you to question the status quo. Request our retail price list today and embark on an investigative journey. Compare our offerings with your current bearings source, and witness the undeniable difference in quality, authenticity, and value. Your choice today has the potential to redefine your bearings business.

Take Action – Request Your Price List Now!

Elevate your operations with the prowess of German authenticity, and very competitive prices. The path to transformation begins with a simple request for our retail price list. Make a decision that holds the power to shape the future of your bearings enterprise.


1 subject positive feed-back of our credit insurance company
2 if your order volume with us is more than € 500.000,-- per year we do not serve any other companies in your country